Exotic Meat Delivered To You Door Exotic Meat Delivered To You Door


Exotic Meat


  Price per Kg
Antelope Steak
Bison Tournedos                 £38.00
Camel Steak £36.00
Crocodile Tail Fillets            £39.00
Crocodile Tournedos           £3.80 each
Eland £36.00
Emu Steaks                       £36.00
Impala Haunch Steak         £36.00
Kangaroo Rump                 £28.00
Kudu Haunch Steak            £36.00
Llama £36.00 
Oryx £36.00
Ostrich Steak                     £38.00
Oz Wild Boar Steak             £36.00
Python Fillet                       £59.00
Rattle Snake P.O.A
Reindeer Medallions            £39.00
Springbok Steak £36.00
Squirrel £5.95 each
Venison Fillet
Wagyu Kobe Sirloin                   £59.00
Wagyu Kobe Ribeye £59.00
Wagyu Kobe Fillet  £65.00
Wild Boar Steak £36.00
Wildebeest Steak                £36.00
Zebra Steak                       £36.00

Exotic Burgers

Bison Burgers                              £2.95 each  
Crododile Burgers                        £3.95 each  
Emu & Mountain Peppers              £2.40 each  
Kangaroo & Red Wine Burgers      £2.40 each  
Ostrich & Cranberry Burgers         £2.60 each  
Oz Wild Boar & Apple Burgers       £2.60 each  
Venison & Redcurrant Burgers       £2.40 each  
Wagyu Burgers                            £4.95 each  
Alpaca Sausages £6.95lb £15.32 kg
Buffalo Sausages £6.95lb £15.32 kg
Venison Sausages £6.95lb  £15.32 kg
Wild Boar Sausages £6.95lb  £15.32 kg

Exotic Recipes

Barbecue Ideas, Hints and Tips
A well-organised barbecue can be
great fun and can create flavours you
simply won’t get from your kitchen. Here are a few ideas we’ve put together to help you get the most from our range of meats.
bbq card.pdf
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Bison Tournedos Rossini
bison tournedos card.pdf
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Cooking the perfect steak
Cooking your steaks correctly is easy
but requires you to follow some basic
principles in order to get the best texture
and flavour from the meat.
Cooking the perfect steak.pdf
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Crocodile Fillet with Rosemary Sauce
Crocodile Fillet.pdf
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Ostrich Curry
ostrich curry.pdf
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Thai Pheasant with glass noodles
thai pheasant.pdf
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Venison Goulash with Horseradish & Leek Mash
venison goulash.pdf
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Wagyu Beef Cooking Guide
wagyu cooking.pdf
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Classic Tuscan Wild Boar Stew
wild boar.pdf
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